What’s new and improved in Total Health?

You’ll track right the first time with better data from our improved nutritional database, richer device connections and easy access anywhere, anytime with all new online/offline functional mobile apps. New daily summaries and weekly analysis provide better insight into your lifestyle so you can easily see what to do to improve your health and feel great.

Total Health nutrition tracking, driven by a research quality nutritional database, goes beyond calories, macronutrients or common vitamins and minerals. With near-complete coverage of over 100 nutrients and food components, our database covers added sugars. antioxidants, artificial sweeteners, amino acids, Omegas, caffeine and much more. For deeper analysis of your fitness, Total Health now pulls richer incoming data- including heart rate and GPS- from supported devices and our mobile apps.

Total Health for iOS and Total Health for Android- all new mobile apps do more: live record exercise with Bluetooth HR strap connectivity and phone based GPS & step counting; track nutrition (food and meals) and sleep- on or offline; and view your daily summary, timeline and timeline data.

Total Health Weekly Analysis brings it all together for integrated insight. See if you met recommendations for exercise intensity and amount, sleep duration and regularity, and diet intake and quality including omega 3/6 ratio, intake of vitamins & minerals and empty calories. Dig deep into your exercise, sleep and nutrition to see what to change.

What features does Total Health have?

Available features

  • timeline NEW
  • daily summary NEW
  • weekly analysis NEW
  • track foods
  • track meals with photos and behaviors NEW
  • track daily activity
  • track exercise
  • track sleep
  • track weight
  • track blood pressure
  • track glucose
  • create personal recipes and foods
  • connect Fitbit, Nokia Health and Polar devices
  • record workouts in-App NEW

Coming soon features

  • measurements
  • body composition
  • RMR & Vo2 Max
  • mental state
  • cycle
  • observations
  • personal supplements

How do I access Total Health?

You can access Total Health via the web at www.enquos.com or with our mobile applications, Total Health for iOS and Total Health for Android. Log in using your email address and password. Your email address is now your username. Your password remains the same.

What are the different subscription levels?

At this time, Basic (free) is the only subscription level offered and includes all available features. Premium with additional features and API access will be available in the future.

What happened to my premium subscription?

Your premium subscription has been cancelled. You will receive a refund on the card of payment for time remaining in the last subscription period.

What is no longer available in Total Health?

Several features have been discontinued. These features are meal planner & shopping list, goal setting, symptoms, prescriptions, lab values, files, cross analysis/usage, and connections/groups/sharing. Personal meals (reflecting a group of foods commonly eaten together) and fitness routines have also been discontinued. Additionally, fewer connected devices and services are supported. This reflects usage patterns and allows us to provide better data.

What happened to my historical information?

Your historical information including personal foods and recipes is available in the new enquos system. Your information is available but not currently accessible for features 'coming soon'. Lab values and symptoms are discontinued features, however historical data from lab values and symptoms can be found under observations.

Can I still use Nutrition for iOS and Nutrition for Android?

Nutrition for iOS and Nutrition for Android are no longer supported—any new information you enter will not be synced with your account. Please delete Nutrition on your device and download Total Health.

My question wasn’t answered here. Who can I ask?

Please email the enquos support team support@enquos.com with further questions or for more information.