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Total Health

Integrated nutrition, fitness wellness tracking and assessment

Improve how you feel, look and perform with Total Health

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. —Peter Drucker"

  • Guided goals: lose weight, get fit & be well—focus on specific, targeted changes with perspectives.
  • Understand and improve progress with insights.
  • Connected devices from Fitbit, Polar, Nokia Health, Strava, and Misfit make tracking sleep, exercise, activity & weight easy and automatic.
  • Get more out of food logging with advanced nutritional information, behaviors & more ways to track.
  • Track more including blood pressure, glucose, measurements, mental state & body composition.
  • Weekly nutrition analysis spotlights caloric balance, diet quality & micronutrient intake.
  • Weekly fitness analysis highlights relationships between exercise, sleep & activity.

Total Health Features

Advanced Nutrition Tracking with macronutrients, empty calories, vitamins, minerals & more.
Meal and Behavior Tracking with photo logging, eating patterns, and context
Personal Foods, Supplements, and Recipes.
Exercise & Daily Activity Tracking with GPS, heart rate and intensity, connected devices, and Apps.
Resting Metabolic Rate & VO 2 Max Tracking, and System Personalization.
Sleep & Weight Tracking with connected devices.
Blood Pressure, Glucose, Mental state, Measurements, and Body Composition Tracking.
Timeline & Daily Summary—an overview of your day’s actions and nutrition
Weekly Nutrition Analysis.
Integrated Weekly Fitness Analysis.
Perspectives with Insights.
Connected devices and Apps
Advanced iOS & Android Apps
  • Track nutrition, exercise, activity, sleep and weight
  • Full offline functionality with automatic syncing
  • GPS enabled live recording & Bluetooth HR strap connectivity
  • Health/Fit integration

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